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Guarantee for the products

Products intended for bath remodeling that are provided by Bath Remodel Authority are covered with a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to be free from defects from the manufacturers as long as the customer owns a home. All the installation is done by our experts and no service is outsourced and therefore customers can trust in a job well done.


Trained professionals

Bath Remodel Authority has factory trained and insured technicians who will install the fixtures needed for bath remodeling. They will install a beautiful new acrylic bathtub or shower right over your old one or if you want it replaced they will do exactly what you want in as little as one day. The technicians at Bath Remodel Authority are certified and they will take precise measurements and then they will manufacture a very own custom-made bathtub or shower.


Bath remodeling solutions

Bath Remodel Authority will remodel your bath in such a way that you will relax in a beautiful new bath. There are a wide range of bath remodeling accessories which are common for comfort and luxury at Bath Remodel Authority. The Bath Remodel Authority have been in operation for many years and the experts have successfully remodeled thousands of baths in these region.

To get a professional quotation please contact Bath Remodel Authority on 888-303-3882 and book a personal consultation with the leading service providers.

About bath remodeling

We are here to help the customers complete their bathroom remodel with the latest updates to the tubs and showers. At Bath Remodel Authority you will find the most ergonomic toilets which are available today and the associated accessories.

In a bathroom remodeling project there are so many activities that goes on. The professionals from Bath Remodel Authority have a rich experience in bathroom remodeling and for this reason they find it easy to complete the project as soon as possible. When undertaking a remodeling project is important that the customers be prepared by taking into account some very important considerations.

The first thing to consider is the cost of remodeling. Before the start of the remodeling project it is wise to have the expectations into perspective when it comes to how much money one is willing to invest in the project. The size of the bathroom you want remodeled, the type of materials you want included and the labor that will be used in the project should be taken into account as they will affect the total cost of the remodeling project.

The other thing to consider is the location of the toilet in the bath. The designers from Bath Remodel Authority do not advocate for placement of the toilet at the entrance because bathrooms might be let open and therefore if you have guests at your home what they will see is not the most aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Thirdly consider leaving those vintage finishes. The point of your bathroom remodel might be a fresh new look, however some things are easier to replace than others. Removal of some parts might be expensive to remove ant therefore it would be economical to let them stay.

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